Hello Everyone!

Well the Feds raised the rate yet again….so we will see what happens now! But I can say that the good homes are still selling!  From my last post the ones on Glenrose, Oakland, Calaveras, Windsor & Layton are all in escrow.  The two fixers on McNally & Howard are still on the market.  So seems like buyers are still out there and taking advantage of the decrease in pricing but only for the pretty ones!

This week there was an interesting array of homes…..mostly higher end ones though. 

2391 Santa Rosa Ave. Altadena

$2,649,000  4bd & 4ba   4,024 sq.ft   26,859 lot

Open Saturday 1-4 pm

Located in the heart of Christmas Tree Lane, this Italian Revival sits in the middle of the lot surrounded by over half an acre of lush grounds!  It is a grand and elegant home with amazing architectural details!  The front steps alone feel like you are approaching a grand villa!  I love the arched glass door that leads into the formal entry!  Step down into the lovely living room with French Doors that flow out to an expansive veranda.  I love the formal dining room even more…. with all that glass mimicking the arched front door!  The kitchen has been tastefully remodeled with period finishes and that stove!!!  The flow is very nice with grand rooms and a master suite that has it´s own massive balcony!  Several of the baths definitely need a re-do, but it is just a beautifully designed home and a rare opportunity to be the next caretaker of this architectural masterpiece!

990 Atchison St. Pasadena

$2,349,000  4bd & 3ba    3,371 sq.ft    18,488 lot

Open Sunday 2-4 pm

This home is a Prairie Style home and I love the simple lines and homey feel of these homes….we just do not have enough of this style of architecture in our area!  I love a good front porch where you can wile away the afternoon and greet neighbors as they stroll by.  The living room is oddly small for such a large home, but the dining room is on par with the 1st house!  These owners did a wonderful job opening up the spaces next to the kitchen to create a wonderful family room.  Speaking of the kitchen……I love the retro pink appliances!!  I do not know how practical they are but they look amazing!!  The baths have been tastefully updated and the whole house just has a down to earth feel.  You can see all your family and friends gathering in a place like this and taking advantage of that expansive yard and  beautiful pool.


1505 Marengo Ave. South Pasadena

$1,598,000  3bd & 1ba  1,583 sq.ft    6,003 lot

Open Saturday & Sunday 1-4 pm

South Pasadena is definitely one of the most desirable areas around…..charming homes, great school district, urban amenities nearby and a short commute to downtown LA!  What better than a cute Spanish right by the most popular elementary school in town.  I love the layout and all the light this home gets!  The living room has a striking Batchelder fireplace and flows right into the dining space and then into the kitchen…..you can easily open up the kitchen to the living spaces and create a really open flow to the backyard.  They did a wonderful job refinishing the hardwood floors and staging, but don´t be fooled everything else is pretty original and needs updating.


391 S Marino Ave. Pasadena

$1,495,000   3bd & 2ba    1,997 sq.ft    7,751 lot

Open Saturday & Sunday 2-4 pm

If you want to live in the Cal Tech area, then you should definitely check out this darling English!  The living and dining room have high coved ceilings, rich wood flooring and beautiful wood framed windows!  This home also has a striking Batchelder fireplace…..I just do not like the black painted wood mantle….I am not sure if it is the actual frame or just the color….but something about it bugs me.  The enclosed side patio off the dining room is bigger than most and I love the brick on the floor and all the glass.  The kitchen has been tastefully upgraded as well as both bathrooms …..I would of never have thought of placing a toilet in the corner by the shower like that….but it works!!  The backyard is a nice size and private!  The only thing that really bugged me was having the washer/dryer out on the porch…..still definitely worth seeing if you are out and about!

2125 Oakdale St. Pasadena

$1,495,000   3bd & 1ba    1,678 sq.ft    6,259 lot

Open Saturday & Sunday 2-4 pm

If you want the same neighborhood but really want a Spanish, then head over to this cute little gem around the corner.  The owners only bought this house a few months ago, but they got a job offer they couldn´t refuse… so it is back on the market.  I still love the pitched beamed ceiling and how the home flows because you can easily bump out the back of the house and add a family room onto the back of the kitchen and then extend the last bedroom and add a master bath & closet.   They cleaned it up quite a bit from when they bought it and so it shows very well, but it still needs to be updated.  They are already losing money because of the upgrades they made, but hopefully they don´t lose too much more because of the market slow down.


1893 Kaweah Dr. Pasadena

$1,449,900   3bd & 2ba    1,443 sq.ft    7,091 lot

Open Saturday 2-4 pm

There were a lot of things I loved about the 70s…..but the homes they were building at the time was not one of them!  But of course there is always an exception and this one is it!!  These Pole homes were inspired by 16th century Japanese country homes…..now that is cool!  I love the tile roof that definitely gives it that Japanese flair….inside I love all that wood and the vaulted ceilings!  I am not sure what they did to the front of the fireplace and whether or not I like it……have to see it in person before I can judge!  Still the best thing about this house is that you feel like you are in your own private getaway in the middle of nowhere and yet near the heart of the city!

1674 Coolidge Ave. Altadena

$1,298,000  4bd & 2.5ba  2,630 sq.ft   10,349 lot

Open Saturday & Sunday 2-4 pm

This home is a great value for the money!  The original part of the house was three bedrooms and a den and then they added a master suite off the den and did a very nice job with it!  The other side they enclosed the area between the kitchen and the garage but they did not do a great job with that…..you have to step down and the rooms are choppy and too small.  Part of me would just knock it out and leave it the way it was.  It has been well maintained but could definitely use remodeling in the kitchen and baths!  It´s biggest drawback is that it is on the corner of New York…..which is a very busy street.  Still if you need more space and are willing to compromise on that issue……check it out!!


ThatÅ› it for this week!  Stay safe & healthy!